Who We Are

KSHOK Distribution is a mid-tier Fulfillment Center, Wholesaler, and Importer based in Denver, Colorado.

  • We fill orders, carefully package, and ship out same day.
  • Offer regional or national fulfillment
  • Set up to allow both retail and wholesale customers ordering via eCommerce, phone, email -- even text!
  • Strong core community on social media with a focus on brand integrity
  • Offer brand promotion with our in-house graphic design team and brand specialist

International brand seeking the full package? Don't worry. We have a sales and marketing team to help get your product to U.S. consumers - contact us directly to learn more.


“We know firsthand how difficult it is for product lines and companies to handle distribution and everything else that needs to be handled. Outsourcing via large distributors requires high premiums, and your product quickly gets lost in the paperwork and warehouses of so many other product lines. Shipping takes too long. They don't pay attention to the details. They aren't hands on. Kshok Distribution Wholesaler handles everything directly and personally - from client accounts to packing and shipping. We are conscientious, committed, old-school, self-professed workaholics who believe that the beauty is in the details. That's how we live our lives, that's how we run this business, and that's how we can help you grow yours.

“Let’s chat about how Kshok Distribution can help your business flourish!”

--Kelly “KC” Sciachitano


KSHOK Distribution: We can get you there.