Beach Hair Wash

Beach Hair Wash

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Beach Wash is your dream vacation. Did I say dream vacation? I meant shampoo. But use it once and you'll see what I mean. It smells the way that private cabana on that private beach with those coconut-shell-drinks-with-the-little-umbrellas-in-them feels.


Beach Wash is a texture shampoo for lovers of no fuss, naturally voluminous, gorgeous hair. It's nourishing and foamy - like the ocean. Australian botanicals-- including kelp extract-- work to strengthen color treated and/or damaged cuticles. Bergamot, coconut and vanilla cleanse the hair and scalp while offering just the right amount of healthy shine.

Plus, it's 100% Vegetarian and SLS/SLES FREE. AKA, guilt-free.

So go ahead and indulge.

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